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XAudioPro is an advanced online audio real-time editing and transcoding tool, which is both professional and simple, and can efficiently complete the conventional audio editing operation and online real-time transcoding; Due to the use of advanced WebAudio/WebAssembly technology, all operations are run in "pure front-end localization", which not only solves the data security problem, but also solves the operation efficiency problem, and has the experience of consistency with the native local software; In addition, professional UI is provided, and various intelligent prompts and operation recommendations are added to make the operation more professional and smooth;

Moreover, this online tool is not long online at present, and its functions are limited. We are trying to develop more practical functions and improve various operation experiences, so that it can become a Professional Online Audio Workstation, better serve your work and life;


Online Track Edit

● Professional UI, Intelligent highlight operation prompt

● Clear zone, "Status area/Control area/Edit area", making the operation easier

● Advanced technology, using WebAudio/WebAssembly technology for pure front-end processing

● Support stepless zoom, 10ms clip accuracy

● Support common operations such as cutting, cropping, copying, deleting, recovery, etc

● Support amplitude gain control, 1dB increase and decrease adjustment

● Support selection area mute, fade in, fade out adjustment

● Support hotkey, which is more intimate and practical

● Grid display, making time and amplitude dB more clear

● Support (selected/skip selected) area playback, making clip audition more convenient

● Support most common audio formats (wav,flac,ape,mp3,aac,m4a,ac3,ogg,opus,vorbis,wma)

Online Audio Real-Time Transcoding

● One click upload transcoding, more easier

● Automatic recognition of input format

● Automatic recognition of input format output audio format bit rate intelligent recommendation, with the lowest bit rate to get the best sound quality

● Using WebAudio / WebAssembly technology to transcode at the front end, fast and efficient without delay

● Support most common audio formats (wav,flac,ape,mp3,aac,m4a,ac3,ogg,opus,vorbis,wma)

Online Audio Denoising

● Spectrum subtraction noise, directly suppress noise spectrum

● Provide low-pass spectrum reduction, filter out high-frequency noise, make the low-frequency clearer, and filter out the high-frequency part through the cut-off coefficient adjustment

● The noise reduction gain coefficient can be adjusted, and the higher the gain, the stronger the suppression

● RNN neural network can remove the background noise such as white noise or conference noise. This algorithm will not produce music noise

Online Extract BGM

● Remove voice, extract music

● One click operation to add BGM for your music creation

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Professional UI, Professional color matching, One Click Operation

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